VALENTINE’s NIGHT 2017 SPECIAL MENU: € 13 - Fri. 17 and Sat. 18 February from 20:00

(This 3-course menu has "GLUTEN-FREE" and "VEGETARIAN" versions)

. “WALDORF” salad: lettuce, apple, celery, raisins, pine nuts, walnuts, chicken breast (optional), honey sauce and mustard and cream

. “LITTLE MERMAID” savoury crepe: spinach cream (bechamel, garlic, and spinach) with smoked salmon

. "BANOFI" sweet crepe: toffee, banana, whipped cream, Speculo crushed biscuit, decoration of strawberries

As always, our usual € 13 menu, or any mix between our usual menu and this special menu can be ordered.


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