HALLOWEEN - Saturday 31st of October

You can already book your table and start choosing your costume. Since it is on a Saturday, there is NO reason for NOT joining us this year.
As each year, we shall offer a "horrifying" special 3 course menu, as cheap as 13 Euros, including a shot of blood and the usual QUEIMADA ritual.


(this menu can be ordered as a standalone choice, for 13€, or else be incorporated into the options of our usual 13€ three-course menu)

1. "Bewitched" SOUP: pumkin soup, carrots, potatoes, onion, celery, fresh cream

2. MAIN COURSE (please choose)

a) "Flesh for Frankenstein" savoury crepe: minced beef, fried eggs, gruyere cheese, homemade tomato sauce

or else

b) "Curse of the swamp creature" savoury crepe (VEGETARIAN): spinach, pine seeds, raisins, sesame, garlic

3. PUDDING (please choose)

a) "Haitian Pet Sematary": capuccino ice-cream, cocoa powder, homemade chocolate sauce

or else

b) "Stephen KING's Pet Sematary": leche merengada (milk, cinnamon and lemon zest flavoured) ice-cream, homemade chocolate sauce

4. Galician Queimada: flambee orujo alcohol, white magic spell...

Costumes welcome, but NOT MANDATORY.