6 YEARS! 22/07/2009

Next Wednesday 22nd of JULY, we shall celebrate the 6th anniversary of the CREPERIE.

Today, CREPES'n TAPAS BAR counts with exactly 506 VIPs. A VIP is a person, a couple or a full family who periodically visits us and receives our monthly electronic newsletter.

Thanks to all our customers, regular or one-time ones, we can make this celebration happen again and again.

Join us on Wednesday and  taste our SPECIAL 3 COURSE MENU (13 €):

refreshing cold cucumber soup, with yoghourt and fresh mint leaves

> BENARÉS savoury crepe
chicken, pineapple and curry
or, for our VEGETARIAN guests,
> AUBERGINE savoury crepe
with aubergine, tomato sauce and grated cheese

> JUJUY sweet crepe
light toffee- and vanilla ice-creams, caramel syrup and whipped cream

A "QUEIMADA GALLEGA" will be offered between 11 and 12 p.m.
It is an antique Galician ritual with flambe orujo alcohol offered to each adult guest

The usual 13 Euros menu will be available for guests who do not wish to order the special menu.

A raffle will be organised for the presents of the day.

Coeliac guests welcome!