Bienvenida a la web de Crepes'n Tapas Bar
Welcome to the web of Crepes'n Tapas Bar

HALLOWEEN - Saturday 31st of October

You can already book your table and start choosing your costume. Since it is on a Saturday, there is NO reason for NOT joining us this year.
As each year, we shall offer a "horrifying" special 3 course menu, as cheap as 13 Euros, including a shot of blood and the usual QUEIMADA ritual.


(this menu can be ordered as a standalone choice, for 13€, or else be incorporated into the options of our usual 13€ three-course menu)

1. "Bewitched" SOUP: pumkin soup, carrots, potatoes, onion, celery, fresh cream

2. MAIN COURSE (please choose)

a) "Flesh for Frankenstein" savoury crepe: minced beef, fried eggs, gruyere cheese, homemade tomato sauce

or else

The celebration of our 6th anniversary...

...has been a real success, again.

The spell of our now traditional "QUEIMADA GALLEGA" was read in Gallego language, Spanish (see videos on our Spanish pages), then in English:


6 YEARS! 22/07/2009

Next Wednesday 22nd of JULY, we shall celebrate the 6th anniversary of the CREPERIE.

Today, CREPES'n TAPAS BAR counts with exactly 506 VIPs. A VIP is a person, a couple or a full family who periodically visits us and receives our monthly electronic newsletter.

Thanks to all our customers, regular or one-time ones, we can make this celebration happen again and again.

Join us on Wednesday and  taste our SPECIAL 3 COURSE MENU (13 €):

Celebration of Bastille Day

Last Tuesday 14th of July was celebrated the National Day of France, "Bastille Day", at Crepes'n Tapas Bar.

The quite typical French atmosphere surrounded the special "Revolutionary" menu.

Let's agenda the event for 2010.

Special thanks to Pam & John!

JUNE 2009 "Visitors" RAFFLE (distinct from the "VIP" RAFFLE)

The winning ticket is nr. 115.

The winner receives a voucher, valid for a 2 person meal at the Creperie, to be enjoyed until the 13th of July 2009.


On Friday 8th of May, all our crepes were made with a 100% gluten-free batter (like in Britanny). For celiac as well as for non celiac guests, we offered the possibility to eat their crepes with gluten-free ingredients (savoury and/or sweet), but normal ingredients and dressings were available, too.

The success of this celebration convinced us to repeat it next year.

Meanwhile we shall keep serving gluten-free meals, but requesting a previous half-day notice.


During the whole month of May 2009, our VIPs will be granted a 10% discount on their bill.
It is necessary that they ring us at least half-day before their arrival (951-311-177) to  book their table and identify themselves as VIP (a VIP is a guest who receives our newsletters).

(Offer not acumulable with other offers or with our "CRISIS SPECIALS")

A RAFFLE will be organised among our VIPs. Prize: a voucher for a 2 person dinner at Crepes'n Tapas Bar, to be enjoyed before the 15th of June 2009.

The winner will be informed  by e-mail and his/her name published on this website.



We have created this delicious sweet crepe, remembering all the men, women and children who need more than us.

It consists in 3 pieces of crepe, stuffed with blueberry jam, and topped with, respectively, sugar, chocolate syrup and homemade chocolate sauce with toasted almonds. A scoop of vanilla ice-cream is placed in its center, and 3 small dots of whipped cream link the 3 pieces together, softening the sweet of the dish.

 Forget Them Not! crepe

 Besides of being a very enjoyable crepe, 1 € will be collected from its price and sent to a well-known charity organisation.


(1)    Special TEATIME    2,95€

(2)    Special SAVOURY+DRINK    5,00€

(3)    Special SOUP+TAPA+DRINK    5,00€

(4)    Special DISH OF THE DAY+DRINK    5,00€

(5)    Special CREPPIZZA+SWEET+DRINK    7,50€

See details in our "Offers" section.