Bienvenida a la web de Crepes'n Tapas Bar
Welcome to the web of Crepes'n Tapas Bar

Ruben celebrates his (2?)7th birthday...


Ruben - 7th birthday

John BOOTHROYD is no longer with us...

John BOOTHROYD, a friend and supporter of our Creperie has left us a few weeks ago and now rests in peace in the UK.

The Town Hall of TORBAY made a tribute to John and his career as a Council Borough Engineer and the "father" of a famous bridge on the TORQUAY seafront.

We shall miss you, John!

John Boothroyd

Grand-Daughter finances Grand-Dad's 70th birthday party with her pocket money!

A 3 (now 6) y.o. little Swedish girl saves money during 3 years to pay for her Grand-Dad's 70th birthday party at Crepes'n Tapas Bar. Great family!

(the original photo is in our Photo Gallery)Yamasol

Yamasol attacks!

A great Swedish family has visited us (twice) the last few days. We want to publicly thank and greet Grus and Goran.

Behind, a couple of Japanese paparazzi (and friends!)...

The original picture is in our Photo Gallery



We are selling many books, in Spanish and in English, in order to collect money for a CHARITY organization.

The price is 2 € for one book, or 3 € for 2 books, only.

Second hand, they are all in a perfect shape, so you can offer them to someone you like or... take them with you to the beach.

Come and choose your books for this summer!


The sun is doing its job at last: we have opened our private, open-air patio.

Enjoy a delicious snack, tea-time break, lunch or diner in a quiet place!

Job offer

We have decided to help our customers, whenever possible:

We are looking for a company, specialized in roofs waterproofing.

Please contact us.

Reply to wishes

We have received many letters or greeting cards for this year end.

We would like to thank all of you who have sent them to us and whose mail has not been answered, because we could simply not read your address, name or handwriting.

Hope to see you soon again, once you are back to Fuengirola!

Warmest regards!

We are crepemakers, not actors... :-)

Year end crepes meal?

Crepes'n Tapas Bar will be OPEN on NEW YEAR's EVE (from 6 p.m.) AND NEW YEAR's DAY (from 1 p.m.).

Why don't you share your last 2009- or first 2010 meal, with your family or friends at the CREPERÍA?

Booking: 951-311-177 or through this website.